Let's invent the Green Future together!


Human Rights

Our associates are proud to be a part of the company committed to creating an environmentally friendly future.

We follow all policies and would never do anything for selfish reasons, as our environment matters most!

Corporate Social

Johnshen Group is committed to ensuring that employees are treated fairly and have the right to freedom of association. It includes opposing forced labor, child wages, and the fair treatment of all workers in our facilities according to the standards of authoritative third-party factory inspection agencies.

Learning & development

Safe at work

To better serve our customers, we have implemented the ISO 9001 standards for the management system and 14001 standards for environmental management systems. The objective is not only increased performance but also sustainable corporate development.


Recycled Plastic
Raw Materials

Johnshen is committed to providing simple, ingenious solutions for everyone.

We start with the Earth and work our way up - responsibly! Our materials always come from responsible sources, so we can ensure they don't hurt anyone or anything on their journey through life on Earth (or the oceans). We use recyclable materials, including RPET, RPP, recycled paper, etc., and avoid single-use plastics.

Factory Production

Johnshen Group is committed to reducing carbon emissions and has installed solar power at two of its factories. The plan is for all six factory locations, including those that do not yet have this technology installed will gradually start using photovoltaic energy by 2030.

Products & Packaging

With this new line of environmentally friendly products, we are taking a step in the right direction toward sustainable development. It will make our customers more satisfied and better able to live their lives with care for others and themselves!

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